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My name is Marcus

I post a lot of comic, and videogame stuff. Ororo Munroe, Jason Todd, and Robbie Reyes are my favourite characters.

Message me if you want to talk or play videogames because I'll be down. I have PSN & Steam



i’m the female rebel ~~~


Claw family by suekko-japan

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Thor’s a woman now??? How have I only just heard about this??? How has this happened in the story what

And Sam Wilson is Cap damn Marcus u gotta keep up

I knew that but I didn’t know the Thor thing dang son

Born with genetic mutations that give them abilities beyond those of normal humans, mutants are the next stage in evolution. As such, they are feared and hated by humanity. But a group of mutants known as the X-Men fight for peaceful coexistence between mutants and humankind. But not all mutants see peaceful coexistence as a reality.

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Black Widow #001

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You say you don’t want the responsibility? Guess what? People like us…we don’t get a choice.

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elektra (2014) #001; “i am not a dancer, or an artist, or a hero. i am no longer a daughter or a lover. victim or student or slave. i am, and will always be, someone’s assassin.”

Thor’s a woman now??? How have I only just heard about this??? How has this happened in the story what

come on caps i know my uniform is pimp as fuck but you guys don’t have to be jealous

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by Humberto Ramos & Edgar Delgado.

Okay so the Destiny Beta for PS3/PS4 users started yesterday, and I spent a lot of time playing it. Then I realised: I have 2 extra beta codes and nobody to give them to. Dang.

So, this is a giveaway for the European PS4 beta codes: other consoles and regions will not work with these codes! Each preorder code grants the user 3 PSN download codes, so this is a giveaway for the 2 extra download codes I have.

If you want them, just like/reblog this. Each will count as an entry, and I’ll randomly choose two people and give them the codes on the 20th (this Sunday). Remember, only for PS4, and only for Europe.